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01 August 2012 @ 02:30 pm
about trees and empty forests. chapter 8.  
Title: About trees and empty forests. Chapter 8.
Author: xonthefloor
Pairing: Dave Karofsky/Kurt Hummel.
Rating: Nc17.
Warnings: Strip and lap dances. Misunderstood prostitution. Bulimia. Depression. Breath play.
Spoilers: Season One and Two.
Beta: Ella Greggs.
Word Count: 1o3oo this chapter.
Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama.
Disclaimer: Pfht, if I owned Glee, Blaine wouldn't be on it.
Summary: It’s been five years since Kurt Hummel and Dave Karofsky left Lima, following different paths. Now their lives are far from being what they dreamed for themselves and when they meet again, Dave mistakes Kurt for a hooker. Kurt doesn’t tell him different.
A/N: I started plotting this fic way before the Prom episode. So in this fic, Karofsky hasn't apologized yet.

Chapter 8

Tuesday is a terrible day for Kurt.

He wakes up coughing; his throat itches a little and his nose is slightly runny. Kurt's gotten sick often enough to learn to read his body’s signs. He immediately goes to the bathroom and takes the bottle of vitamins out of his cabinet, just to find that there are only two pills left. Kurt groans but pops one in his mouth, hoping that he’ll be able to at least push the flu forwards – please God let it be just a flu - that he knows he’ll soon catch.

The bad thing is that he has to buy more vitamins.

His shift in Metfood is more dreadful than usual, mostly because for some reason the credit card system goes down for an hour and a half, and since he’s the one behind the cash register, all the customers who suddenly have to pay with cash they don't have vent their irritation on him.

Princess texts him in the middle of the afternoon, asking if he can replace Bren tonight since the boy has a pretty big exam tomorrow and asked for the day off to study. Kurt’s supposed to be off tonight, but he's aware that Bren attends community college and he thinks it’s admirable that the boy is trying for a better future.

Kurt wastes no time telling Princess that he’ll be there. In addition to wanting to help his co-worker, Kurt’s going to fall ill, either this week or the following one, and he’ll have to skip some days at work, losing lots of money. Kurt was looking forward to a night's rest, but he's got to plan ahead and that means pushing his body now if he has to.

Because of the credit card problem, his very tedious shift at Metfood goes over-long. He misses the bus and subway connections on his way to The VIP and his mood starts turning bitter.

Kurt still arrives at work before midnight, which is usually when the place gets crowded. “Crowded” isn't really accurate. Kurt has worked on Tuesdays before and it’s never a very busy night. One glance around the club and he can tell this night in particular seems to be pretty lousy.

There are lots of tables unoccupied, and while waitering, Kurt lands only two lap dances that are not even private ones. His strip number is set for 2 AM again, and before Kurt goes behind stage to dress up, he notices that there are not a lot of people, so he won’t be getting good tips.

As he dresses up, Kurt does his best not to feel bad, reminding himself that he’s still getting extra money for the extra hours he’s working.

The performance goes awfully wrong though, and not just because of the bad tips. He’s dancing around the pole when a drunk guy climbs on stage, just to grope and try to dance with him, and the small audience cheers to egg the guy on.

Some of Kurt's co-workers invite people from the crowd on stage during their performances, or have no issues when it happens spontaneously, but everyone knows Kurt is not one of those guys, so at his obviously uncomfortable state, Crank –their bouncer - gets on stage as well, just to push the drunken guy off. But in spite of being substantially smaller than the bouncer, the drunken guy offers a lot of resistance and in their sudden struggle, Kurt is accidentally shoved and hits his face hard against the pole.

He's dizzy and his face throbs. Crank gets way madder, and kicks the drunk customer not only off the stage but also out of the club. In the meantime, some of Kurt's co-workers who were waiting the tables and witnessed the whole mess hustle Kurt to the changing rooms backstage.

They practically drag him into a seat and immediately start nursing his face; even Princess comes into the dressing room to check on him, and Kurt feels grateful to have co-workers who are so caring. Celine and Jack - both of them bears - are the most attentive and quickly get ice for him while they all curse the drunken customer, and then Kurt spends the following half-an-hour with the ice pack pressed against his cheek.

But the show must go on, or not really, since Kurt doesn’t resume his performance for obvious reasons. Instead, he stays the rest of the night behind the bar with Princess, preparing drinks, which is still some money but means no extra cash for lap dances. But Kurt’s face aches quite a lot, so he’s hardly in the mood to dance in anyone’s lap. Actually, he’s never in the mood to do such a thing, but he won’t be able to pretend he likes grinding some stranger’s lap when he's in pain.

He returns to his apartment early in the morning as usual and smiles for the first time when he puts his daily two dollars in his Stove Fund jar. He’s every day closer to his goal, and that knowledge always helps him to get through the day. He sometimes contemplates the idea of putting in some extra money instead of sticking to the daily two dollars, since some days he can afford to put in maybe two dollars more. He doesn’t do it though, because he knows himself and if he puts in more money today, he won’t put in any tomorrow if his economy is tight, promising himself that he'll make it up later, and that's a slippery slope to failure.

This is a steady routine he can keep, so he decides to stick to it.

Kurt’s getting ready to go to bed when he hears pained screams coming from his neighbor’s apartment and he rushes outside, alarmed. Chantal and even the stoned musician are already in the hallway, and they knock the door of the young couple.

Cody opens the door, looking completely pale as if he's about to faint, and leads them to the bedroom where Haley is holding her big belly, screaming in pain, sitting on their bed that’s covered in blood. Thank God for Chantal, who takes charge of the scene and assists the young girl who’s obviously in labor, while Kurt dials the 911.

It’s a very stressful situation. There’s so much blood that Kurt fears Haley is going to lose the baby; Cody is panicking, which makes him completely useless, but Chantal has experience with this, being a mother of five children, and she instructs Haley on how to breathe so when the contractions occur the girl handles them better.

They all stay with the young couple until the ambulance arrives, and then Kurt returns to his apartment completely exhausted, while Chantal stays to clean up Cody and Haley’s apartment.

He can’t help feeling bad for those kids – and he shouldn’t think of them as ‘kids’ since he’s probably not even five years older - not only because it seems the birth is going to be difficult, but also because of the money they’ll probably owe when it's all over.

Kurt very much doubts they have any health insurance, and even when you do, you can still end up paying enormous amounts of money since policies usually don’t cover everything. Kurt has some experience with that, sadly.

And he’s very familiar with hospital costs, so when he saw the ambulance arriving he was thinking about how much that’s going to cost to them, since ambulances are not free, and how expensive giving birth to a baby in a hospital must be. He hopes they won’t have any complications, not only for Haley and the baby’s sake, but also because complications are way too expensive. Kurt knows a new life is about to come into the world and he shouldn’t be thinking about that in money terms, but it’s impossible for him not to since medical bills are what got Kurt where he is now.

After a messy afternoon, a horrid night and a hectic morning, Kurt manages to get only four hours of sleep. He wakes up moody and tired and what’s even worse is that his face keeps on throbbing. When he heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth, the first thing he notices when he looks into the mirror is that although his cheekbone is only slightly swollen, there’s a gigantic purple bruise adorning his pale skin.

Kurt curses under his breath. At least he still has the make-up he bought to cover the bruises he got while having sex with Dave, so he does his best to cover his bruise since he has to get ready for work and he’s also seeing Dave tonight.

His shift at Metfood is monotonous and that only gives him more time to think about all the things that went wrong yesterday, and a little about Dave. It’s impossible not to think about him since Kurt’s seeing him tonight; and he’s feeling bitter in general, so he’s not as content about going to Dave’s place as he was the last time.

Kurt doesn’t think about Dave’s supposed eating disorder; his horrid day only reinforces Kurt's idea that Dave must be treating him nicely, giving him money and feeding him out of pity. The truth is that Dave doesn’t know squat about his life, but still, Dave seems to have these fixed assumptions and that makes Kurt so mad that he can’t even stand Dave. Or himself - with his horrid job where guys get all sleazy with him, and his other job where costumers are jerks to him, and his bad diet, and being a lousy whore whose client only fucks him as compensation for his shitty life.

He really doesn’t want to face Dave right now.

Yet much later in the afternoon he finds himself on the metro on his way to Brooklyn. His phone starts ringing and it’s Dave. Kurt’s been traveling through the city for the last hour after a long day of work, so Dave better not cancel their meeting or Kurt’s going to be really pissed.


“Kurt, hey… um… where are you?” Kurt rolls his eyes, since Dave sounds somewhat uneasy and it seems that Kurt will indeed have to turn around and go all the way back home.

“On the metro. On my way to your place,” Kurt states, slightly annoyed. “Why?”

“Listen, I’m still at the office. I was wondering-”

“Want to reschedule?” Lord, Kurt can’t believe his bad luck. Honestly, he’s having the worst week ever, and coming from him, that’s saying a lot!

“No, no, no,” Dave hurries to say. “I still have to stay for a little longer, there’s this big thing we have to get done today. It won’t take me more than twenty minutes to get home, but you’ll probably arrive way before me.”

Kurt clenches his jaw. “So I have to wait for you on the street?”

It seems that he’s about to be demoted from hooker to street walker; maybe Dave wants to pick him up on some corner under a lamp post to get the full effect?

“No, not at all! I mean, I was thinking I'll call the building manager, he lives in apartment 1-C, and he’ll let you in the front door. There’s a spare key for my apartment hidden in the wall lamp by my door. It's easy to find if you know it's there. You could wait for me? I’m sorry to do this to you, but-”

“I’ll wait for you,” Kurt cuts him off, because in spite of being moody and feeling quite angry with Dave right now, he really doesn’t want to turn around and go back home. He’s way closer to Dave’s apartment to than his own, and it’s getting dark as well.

“Good. Great,” Dave tells him, sounding relieved, and Kurt rolls his eyes again. “I’ll call my manager to let him know you’ll be arriving soon. He lives on 1-C, alright? I’d do my best to get back soon, but it might take me an hour more. When I get home, we’ll order some dinner or something.”

God, Dave really knows how to push his buttons! “That sounds great,” Kurt lies. “See you.”

“See you soon, and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.”

They both hang up and Kurt’s mood doesn’t get any better. Now Dave’s going to feed him again and really, why a person with Dave’s issues with food believes he has the right to do something about Kurt’s diet! Is Dave going to have dinner with him only to sneak out later and throw it all up?

Fuck, how can Dave do that to himself? Kurt knows and deals with horrible health, but he can’t control it and it kind of pisses him off that Dave is willingly hurting his own body. Deep down, Kurt is aware that if Dave is bulimic for real, he’s as sick as Kurt is, but just in another way. Yet Kurt is so mad that he can’t really process that. The only thing that Kurt is thinking right now is that he can only wish to be healthy, but Dave is healthy and purposefully makes himself ill. Can’t Dave appreciate what he’s got?

When Kurt reaches his metro station it hits him that he really doesn’t want to hear Dave throw up tonight. Kurt is about to fall ill soon, he can feel it; he knows his body and its signs and maybe not this week, but probably next week. It always scares him to fall ill, and not only because of the money he loses when he’s sick, but also because it has happened to him before, when what seems to be just a flu or a cold develops into something more serious.

So he really doesn’t want to listen to Dave making himself ill.

Kurt's walking down Forster Avenue and has an idea. He'll cook something for Dave instead of ordering in. He'll prepare a meal with lots of care and effort so maybe Dave will feel a little guilty about wanting to throw it up.

Kurt walks into the store, checking how much money he has in his pocket, and after matching up recipes he remembers with what the store has that he can afford, he leaves with a bag filled with ingredients to prepare herby chicken goujons with crispy new potatoes as a starter and spicy prawn and chickpea curry for dinner.

The manager of Dave’s building is a friendly old man who lets him in without any fuss and Kurt has no trouble finding Dave’s spare key. It feels odd to be inside someone else's apartment without them, but he doesn’t waste time considering how much he misses Dave's welcoming kiss. Instead, he starts cooking their dinner immediately so he can have most of it ready before Dave arrives.

It’s been a long time since Kurt cooked like this and it relaxes him somehow; while he’s focused in chopping and stirring, he puts aside all the things that are currently making him feel miserable and angry and thinks only about making a tasty meal.

His stomach flips though, when he goes to throw out the trash and finds not one, not two, but three cake boxes in Dave’s trashcan. A part of him hopes that Dave held some kind of party not long ago, but he knows that this is probably the product of a binge and he feels as sad as he feels angry.

How can Dave do this to himself?!

He disposes of the trash and tries not to think about that. The food is around ten minutes away from being done when Kurt hears Dave entering the apartment.

Dave’s wearing a suit again and Kurt knows now that he works at some office, but when he sees Dave smiling at him, looking so freaking good in his suit, the image of the three cakes hits his mind and he can’t believe it. He has to fight the urge to start shaking Dave violently to make him come to his senses.

Kurt’s still in the kitchen when he greets Dave, and Dave looks surprised to see him there with the whole cooking display.

“Hey, yourself,” Dave approaches him, taking off his jacket and kissing Kurt on the lips. “What’s all this?”

Kurt works hard to act friendly and he turns around to take care of the food, since it’s still not done. “Well, I thought about surprising you,” he tells him, which is true. “Anyway, a home cooked dinner is better and healthier than ordering food, don't you think?”

Dave peeks over his shoulder and Kurt can see that he still looks surprised and a bit troubled. “You didn’t have to do all this, Kurt. And you bought all this stuff? You didn’t have to spend money on this.”

Kurt chuckles nonchalantly. “Oh, it was nothing. I learned a long time ago how to cook nice meals on just a few bucks,” he supplies, since if Dave wants to feel bad for him, Kurt will help him with that.

“I can't even remember the last time I had a home cooked meal,” Dave says, now sounding a little touched. “Thank you.” In spite of his bitter mood, Kurt’s chest grows warm, but just slightly.

Dave hugs him from behind and damn, why does having Dave's arms wrapped around his body have to feel so good? Kurt’s really starting to hate how good Dave makes him feel sometimes.

“Oh, it’s my pleasure.” he lies. “I put a lot of work and thought and effort into this meal, so you better enjoy it,” Kurt says playfully, adding mentally ‘and you better not throw it up.’

“I’m sure I will. It smells really good,” Dave tells him. “Want me to help you?”

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable? Everything will be ready in a few minutes.”

Dave nods, kisses him on the cheek and leaves the kitchen. Kurt turns down the stove so the curry doesn't burn. As he starts preparing the chicken goujons and the potatoes, he realizes he’s almost shaking; all the tension and bitterness he’s been bottling up for the last day-and-a-half has him about to ready to explode.

The chicken is ready when Dave gets back to the kitchen wearing more casual clothes and they both start setting the table and the coffee table as well. Kurt’s still fuming on the inside, but he forces himself to look and act as amiable as he can.

“I still think you shouldn’t have done all this,” Dave says again while he’s placing the flatware on the table. “Makes me feel kind of bad.”

“Why so? What’s wrong with me wanting to feed you? I certainly don’t complain when you feed me, right?” Kurt says sharply and Dave stares at him, narrowing his eyes. Kurt glares back and he’s clearly losing it.

“I don’t-”

“Oh, please. You think I didn’t notice?”

Dave looks torn, like he’s been caught, but at the same time he looks a bit angry. “What’s wrong with wanting you to eat with me?” He asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Nothing, of course. I just hope that after all the work I put into this meal,” Kurt points to the kitchen, “you’ll have the decency to refrain from vomiting it up later in the night.”

Dave throws a sharp glare as his jaw visibly clenches. “What did you say?”

“I think you heard me quite well,” Kurt states coldly, walking closer to Dave.

“You know shit about me, Hummel,” Dave grinds out between his teeth.

Kurt snorts. “Oh, so we’re back to last names? Maybe you’re right, Karofsky, maybe I know shit, as you so eloquently put it, but you know nothing about me either, so I’d appreciate if you stopped treating me as a charity case. I don’t freaking need your help.”

Dave laughs icily and Kurt clenches his fist, wishing he could just punch him in the face. “Right, 'cause you’re doing so freaking well, huh?”

“And you think you're magically going to fix my life with your money or your food? You think that by paying me to fuck you my world is suddenly a better place? Or that having dinner with you will improve my health? You know shit about me, Karofsky! So stop playing humanitarian with me, because whatever you do makes no damn difference.”


“And who the hell are you to question how well I'm doing? I’m not the one who spent the night throwing up three freaking cakes from the Cheesecake Factory!”

Kurt swears he can see fire in Dave’s eyes, but hell if he cares.

“Who the hell are you to talk about anything? You’re just a whore.”

Dave’s words actually don’t hurt him; quite the opposite, Kurt feels strengthened. Right now his hooker façade is his best shield. “Exactly. I’m just a whore,” he sneers at Dave. “So you should start treating me like one. You don’t need to go all Mother Theresa on me; you just have to fuck me.”

“Yeah, why don’t I do just that?” Dave growls, leaning in until their faces are separated by only a few inches.

Kurt’s heart is racing, in anger and also in lust, and when Dave forces their mouths together Kurt throws his arms around Dave, holding him tightly as they share a forceful, heated kiss.

They quickly move to Dave’s bedroom, almost ripping each other’s clothes off along the way. Kurt’s so mad at Dave and he’s sure that Dave’s equally mad at him; at least he can release some of his anger by scratching Dave and pulling his hair.

Dave doesn’t go easy on him. Once they lie naked – well, almost naked in Dave’s case - Dave bites his neck hard, sucking and scratching his skin and even if it hurts, Kurt can’t help moaning since Dave always manages to be rough on him in a way than instead of being painful is nothing but pleasant.

They waste no time. Dave quickly gets the lube and Kurt’s kind of impatient, painfully hard and so angry. “Ugh, just fuck me already, Karofsky.”

Dave glares at him, with a mix of disdain and lust in his eyes. “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with you.”

Dave pushes Kurt’s legs apart, places them on his shoulders and shoves his cock inside Kurt with no preparation. “Oh, fucking god! You freaking bastard!” Kurt screams in pain, since Dave’s cock is not small enough to fit inside him just like that.

Dave doesn’t move right away though, and for that Kurt’s grateful. Kurt’s eyes are shut as he does his best to get used to the intrusion, but when he opens his eyes he can see that Dave looks somewhat guilty.

Kurt’s torn because he hates that Dave is so caring with him, but he doesn’t want Dave to fuck him painfully, either. But it’s not the first time he’s taking Dave’s cock, so it doesn’t take long before the pain starts easing. The thickness of Dave’s cock stretches his hole wide until it hurts no more.

“Move,” Kurt grunts. Dave thrusts are slow and steady, and Kurt rolls his eyes. “That’s the best you can do, Karofsky?” Kurt inquires, challenging him.

“Fuck you, Hummel,” Dave spits out, thrusting harder.

Kurt moans, arching his back in pleasure since the pain is subsiding for real now as he revels in the almost brutal way Dave is pounding his ass. This is what Kurt’s talking about.

Dave’s ramming his hole in and out, fast and hard, moaning loudly and Kurt feels great for the first time in days. Actually, for the first time since the last time Dave fucked him, which is pretty pathetic.

Kurt writhes in ecstasy beneath Dave, moaning wantonly. Dave bends over, shoving his tongue inside Kurt’s mouth and Kurt sucks his tongue and kisses him hungrily, fisting Dave’s tee.

Dave keeps slamming his cock inside Kurt’s ass, reaching even further up and deeper inside until he rams against Kurt’s prostate and Kurt’s sees white. “Oh, yes! There!”

Kurt’s cock is hard, and he can’t manage to coordinate his limbs to touch himself because Dave seems pretty pleased about having reached that spot inside Kurt and he’s thrusting his cock merciless against it, over and over.

Kurt’s breath is ragged, and he starts feeling a bit dizzy because of the pleasure that’s burning his loins. But when he tries to gasp for air and none comes in, Kurt’s blood turns cold in spite of the heat he’s feeling. Kurt frowns as his body moves back and forth with the force of Dave’s thrusts, but he can’t really pay attention to that since reality is sinking in.

His horniness subsides fast due to the lack of air; with his judgment not so clouded by lust, he can notice now how his chest hurts and how the air is still not getting into his lungs every time he sucks for it.

He’s having an asthma attack.

“Dave,” Kurt calls to him, yet nothing but a breathless gasp comes out of his mouth. Kurt quickly grows desperate; he can’t breathe and Dave is still fucking him like there’s no tomorrow. Kurt tries to tell him to stop but once again no words come out and he’s sure Dave thinks he’s just panting because of the sex.

So Kurt pushes his hands against Dave’s chest, anxious to get him away and Dave abruptly stops, frowning at him. In the sudden silence, Kurt’s frenetic and rapid wheezing is all they can hear. Dave stares at him, frightened.

“Shit, Kurt. What’s going on?”

“Get off,” Kurt manages to mouth and Dave’s quickly pulls his cock out, moving from on top of him and Kurt’s so needy for air that he doesn’t even register any pain. He quickly sits up in bed, pressing a hand against his chest, but the sitting position doesn’t help at all.

“Kurt? Tell me? Did I hurt you? Shit, Kurt, talk to me,” Dave’s kneeling right in front of him, worried and distressed. “Fuck, I’m sorry. Tell me, what can I do?”

Kurt’s airway is get narrower and narrower with every second that passes; the wheezing turns louder and faster, and Dave's face is a mask of agonized concern but Kurt doesn’t care because he needs his inhaler now.

“Jacket,” Kurt mouths and Dave stares at him.

“Your jacket?” Kurt nods desperately, miming his inhaler and thankfully Dave immediately understands. “I’ll get it for you. Hold on,” he says, already rushing out to the living room.

Kurt listens to Dave’s hurried steps and tries to hang on; Dave returns to the bedroom just a few seconds later, handing the inhaler to him. Kurt shakes it as he tilts his head back slightly. He brings the inhaler to his mouth and presses down, feeling the bitter tasting medicine move down his throat and then he breathes slowly for a few seconds. He takes a second puff and holds his breath to push the medicine deeper into his lungs.

He catches Dave staring intently at him and Kurt feels slightly self-conscious and embarrassed.

Kurt’s muscles start relaxing though, and that’s comforting; the air begins to fill his lungs and he coughs a little. “I’m sorry,” Kurt tells him with a raspy voice.

He feels very stupid; not once since being diagnosed with adult onset asthma did he ever have a sex-triggered asthma attack.

Kurt has to admit though that he never had the kind of sex he has with Dave - rough and passionate at the same time, sex that always leaves him breathless. Yet, since this never happened to him before, he never thought it actually could happen. And usually he can pick up the subtle signals that an attack is starting, but because of the angry sex they were having, Kurt didn’t even realize an attack was coming on until it was well underway; Lord, thinking back Kurt can't even pinpoint when he started having trouble breathing!

Dave exhales deeply, obviously relieved. “You almost give me a freaking heart attack. Do you feel better?” Kurt nods. “I didn’t know you had asthma. Never saw you carrying one of those at school,” Dave says, motioning to the inhaler.

“I wasn’t asthmatic back then.”

Dave frowns. “You caught asthma as a grown up? I didn’t know that was possible.”

“It is,” Kurt says, not willing to explain more. Instead, he takes another puff and leans back against the headboard of the bed as air fills his lungs.

Dave's eyes go wide in realization. “Fucking Jesus, Kurt,” he shouts, sounding concerned and mad, “you let me choke you!”

It’s Kurt’s turn to frown. “You didn’t choke me.”

“Not tonight, but I did before, more than once,” Dave states, standing up and picking his underwear off the floor. “How could you let me do that?! I could have hurt you! I can’t do shit like that if you have breathing problems!”

Kurt watches Dave putting his boxers on and he wants to kill himself; he can’t believe what just happened and he hates that now Dave knows he has “breathing problems.”

He’s such a loser.

“It's never happened before,” Kurt spits out since it’s true. He won’t explain to Dave how asthma works, but he actually had no issues with his breathing when Dave choked him. “Just… just give me a few minutes and we can continue,” Kurt offers, trying to tone down his frustration and also wanting to change the subject. Now he also feels the urge to make it up to Dave for all this mess.

But apparently there's no better turn off than an asthma attack, because Dave snorts and shakes his head. “Are you crazy? I’m not touching you while you’re like this.”

Dave’s words hit him like a slap in the face; a mix of contradicting feelings assault his mind, overwhelming him. What is Dave saying?

“So … what? You’re never fucking me again? Now that you’ve found out your whore is damaged you’ll stop calling?!”

Kurt gets up from the bed, ripping off the top sheet to cover himself with something since he feels as mad as he feels small and the last thing he wants is to stand naked and vulnerable in front of Dave while Dave dumps him. Tears are starting to prick at his eyes.

It hurts so much. He never thought that the prospect of not seeing Dave anymore could upset him like this. Sure, it pisses him off to receive Dave’s charity, but seeing him was a nice change to his monotonous and shitty life, all things considered.

Now Kurt’s suddenly losing the little moments of enjoyment he had recently found with Dave – the company of a familiar face, the great sex, even the stupid dinners together - and all because of his fucked up health. He’s so angry and upset - once again, his health is ruining everything for him. Big freaking surprise!

He can’t blame Dave, though. Who would want to deal with their hooker's medical problems? He’s sure Dave can find loads of guys who’ll be much better lays than Kurt could ever be.

“Hey, hey, hey, slow down,” Dave approaches him, wrapping his arms around him and holding him in place. Kurt wants to push Dave away, but he doesn’t, instead surrendering to his own need for comfort. “That's not what I meant at all.”

Kurt lets out an icy laugh. “I fail to see why you would want to call a whore you won’t fuck,” he states with venom in his voice.

Dave sighs. “Why don’t I fix you a bath? That will make you feel better-”

“Stop pampering me!” Kurt finally loses it, shoving Dave away. “I don’t want your cha-”

“It’s not charity, for fuck’s sake!” Dave barks back. “You probably know better than I how this asthma thing works, but you scared the shit out of me, okay? I thought I hurt you or that you were going to die or something! So please, let me fix you a fucking bath so you can fucking relax and stop bitching at me about everything so I can stop freaking out!”

Kurt glares at Dave but he feels a little more at ease: Dave’s not dumping him. Dave’s not saying that he won’t ever have him back. In addition, for some fucked up reason, Kurt feels better when Dave is yelling at him than when he’s being all sweet and kind. He doesn’t need Dave treating him like he’s about to break, because he’s already broken, and every time Dave is all caring with him Kurt feels incredibly small.

“Fine,” Kurt grumbles.

Dave leads Kurt to the bathroom and moves to start running a warm bath but Kurt stops him. “I’ll use the shower.”

Dave rolls his eyes. “I know you like warm baths better,” he states, annoyed.

Kurt throws Dave a sharp look. “The shower steam will help me to breathe better, thank you very much.”

“Oh,” is all Dave says, turning on the shower faucets. He hands Kurt a couple of towels and then leaves him alone in the bathroom.

Kurt lets the sheet drop to the floor, and steps into the shower. The hot water relaxes his body, and thankfully he’s not having issues with his breathing any longer. But as his body eases, his mind starts racing. Kurt’s a mess of conflicting thoughts and feelings and it’s hard for him to deal with them all.

He shouldn't be such an ass to Dave. It upsets him that Dave thinks he has the right to take care of him, but Kurt doesn’t have the right to call Dave on his issues, either. It’s none of his business if Dave throws up his food, and if Dave in fact does have an eating disorder, Kurt probably didn't help the situation by throwing it right in Dave’s face in such a tactless way.

Kurt groans, frustrated. He’s been having a very rough few days indeed, but that’s no reason to treat Dave the way he did. After all, even if Kurt hates it, Dave is very decent to him; he’s standing right now under the hot water since Dave is nursing him after an asthma attack and Kurt is just his whore. Dave could easily not give a damn about him.

It should be nice having someone take care of him, but Kurt is unable to feel good about Dave taking care of him, because it’s obvious that Dave pities him.

And now Dave has something real and tangible to pin his pity on - Kurt's damaged health. Kurt doesn’t want to let Dave into his life. Dave is just a client; a guy who pays to fuck him, and probably he does that just to put some money in his pocket instead of hiring him because he actually wants him.

Kurt sighs, exhausted, and turns the faucets off, knowing he has to leave the bathroom eventually and face Dave.

He has nothing to put on, so he wraps some towels around himself and goes back to Dave’s bedroom, just to find himself alone in the almost darkness. He feels around, trying to find his clothes, knowing they should be scattered somewhere on the floor, but he doesn't find any.

Kurt hears Dave approaching. “Hey. Heard the shower end.”

Kurt swallows hard and nervous. “Yeah.”

Dave pulls some clothes from his closet and hands them to Kurt. Kurt looks at him questioningly. Where are his own clothes?

“You don’t have pajamas or anything comfortable to wear. These ones are probably way too big for you, but they’ll keep you warm,” Dave tells him.

Kurt can’t manage to refuse wearing Dave’s sweatpants because he really loves being warm. “Thanks,” he replies, quietly.

“Feeling better?”


Dave just stares at him and then he nods. “You get yourself dressed, and join me in the living room, okay?”

Dave leaves him alone in the bedroom and Kurt feels like he’s about to get grounded, like he’s a teenager again, nervous because he did something wrong and his father is waiting for him in the living room to have a serious talk.

Still, he puts on the clothes Dave gave him: socks, sweatpants, a white tee and a hoodie. He has to pull the waist string of the sweatpants tight so they won’t slide down. Every piece is huge on him. but Kurt feels warm and comfortable, and Dave’s clothes also smell incredibly nice. Kurt holds his chin up, gaining as much courage as he can and heads to the living room, finding that both the coffee table and the dining table are already set and Dave’s in the kitchen.

Kurt realizes Dave is reheating the food he cooked earlier and he wants to bitch at Dave, but he’s tired and Dave’s being nice so he lets him be.

“Hey,” Kurt says, approaching him.

Dave turns around smiling and then suddenly his face falls. “What the hell?!”

Kurt’s taken aback, a bit scared since Dave looks way pissed and Kurt doesn’t know what he did wrong. “Wh-what?”

Dave reduces the distance between them with a mix of anger and concern in his eyes. “What happened to your face?”

Kurt frowns. “Huh?”

Dave points to his cheek and realization strikes his mind: his stupid bruise. He just washed off the make-up that had been covering it. Dave couldn't see it in the darkened bedroom but there’s plenty of light in the kitchen to allow Dave a proper view. Kurt can’t believe it; despite his best efforts, he’s revealing all the aspects of his miserable life to Dave.

He shifts in place, uneasy. “It’s nothing,” he says, embarrassed for his life, throwing his arms around his chest and hugging himself.

“Nothing? You have a bruise of the size of Nebraska in your face!”

Kurt glares at Dave. “The shower just washed away the make-up. I’m sorry, you were not supposed to see it!”

Dave groans as the microwave beeps and he proceeds to take the reheated food out. “Because that makes it all better, right? Covering it?”

“Purple greenish bruises are not very sexy, you know?”

Dave sighs, defeated, and fills two plates with the dinner Kurt cooked earlier. “Who hit you?”


“Who hit you, Hummel?!” Dave asks sternly and Kurt can’t understand why he’s so mad.

“No one hit me! And what do you care? It’s not of your business!”

Dave lets out an sarcastic laugh. “Yeah, right. So a huge bruise just appeared in your face out of nowhere.”

Kurt takes a plate for himself and heads to the dining room, not feeling very eager to talk about this with Dave. The last thing Kurt wants is to expose himself more. Dave follows behind him with food in his hands but he doesn’t let it go.

“Kurt, tell me for once! Who hit you?!”

Kurt clenches his jaw and sits in his usual seat; Dave’s standing in front of him, ready to kill someone. “I told you, no one hit me,” he repeats since it’s the truth.

“You can’t expect me to believe you.”

He gives up. “Okay. Some drunken jerk climbed on stage when I was dancing,” he snaps at him, unable to conceal the annoyance in his voice. “He tried to grope me and our bouncer was trying to get him away from me. In their struggling, I got shoved and I hit my face against the pole. So there, honestly, no one hit me. Happy now?”

Dave’s face softens but he says nothing. Instead, he walks away from Kurt and Kurt hears him taking his place at the coffee table. “I’m sorry.”

They’re not facing each other anymore when Kurt hears him say that but still he shrugs, defeated.

“It’s alright,” Kurt says and starts eating.

It tastes good, which makes Kurt feel a little better since it’s proof that he’s not losing his culinary skills, even if he hardly ever cooks. He allows himself to calm down and put aside his fight with Dave.

“This is really good,” Dave tells him, mouth full.

Kurt smiles, goal achieved. “I know, right? I mean, I don’t want to sound like I’m full of myself, but I was a terrific cook once. It's nice to know I still am.”

The late dinner eases them both. It’s like they've tacitly agreed to avoid the huge elephants in the room: Dave’s bulimia, Kurt’s asthma, their failed sex, and all the other painful things that were exposed tonight.

But the guilt is eating at Kurt over the harsh remarks he made earlier about Dave’s – still supposed, since Dave never confirmed anything- bulimia.



Kurt takes advantage of their current positions, apart and backs to each other. Not facing Dave right now makes this easier. “I’m sorry for what I said earlier. I’ve had some pretty rough days, but I shouldn’t have lashed out at you. Whatever’s going on with you, it’s none of my business and I was completely out of line. So I’m sorry for what I said.”

Dave says nothing for the longest seconds, and Kurt starts agonizing over the lack of reply. He really pushed Dave’s buttons when he pointed out the Cheescake Factory cakes and the throwing up. Dave could be in denial about the bulimia, or maybe not in denial but hiding it from everyone, and Kurt just put Dave’s deepest issue in the spotlight.

“No, it’s not of your business,” Dave finally breaks the silence. “But thanks, and I’m sorry you had a rough few days.”

Kurt exhales, relieved. Now he would really like Dave to apologize for treating him as a charity case, because while it’s not Kurt’s business what’s going on with Dave’s life, it’s not Dave’s business what’s going on in his life, either. If Kurt is tacitly promising he’ll stay away from Dave’s private life, Dave should do the same.

Yet, here Kurt is, sitting at Dave’s table feeding himself, so Dave’s winning again, which is not fair. But Kurt says nothing, preferring to call a truce.

After dinner, Kurt helps Dave do the dishes and then they head to the bedroom. Dave doesn’t make any move on him, and that kills Kurt. Surely Dave doesn't believe that if they have sex it will trigger another asthma attack? Okay, even if it’s something that could happen –it happened once tonight already- they have had sex plenty of times and everything went just fine.

But Kurt doesn't try to make a move on Dave, either. His pride is too hurt right now, he's not feeling sexy or aroused or willing to do anything sex related because deep inside he’s sure Dave will reject him and Kurt won’t be able to deal with that.

So they lie next to each other in bed, feeling really awkward. Dave asks him again if he’s feeling better and even though he’s way over his asthma attack, it seems that Dave is still shaken up about it, so in addition of the mess of feelings Kurt has about being rejected, he’s now also feeling guilty.

“Yes, Dave. I’m really fine,” Kurt replies as Dave turns off the lights.

“You really scared me,” Dave tells him quietly, snuggling close to him. Kurt lets himself be embraced, resting his head on Dave’s chest. He really likes this closeness.

“I’m sorry. It's never happened to me before.”

“Asthma attacks? But you’re asthmatic, aren’t you?”

Kurt lets out a small laugh, feeling a little embarrassed. “I mean during sex,” he admits. “It’s kind of lame.”

Dave laughs as well and that relaxes him a bit. “I won’t be rough with you next time, alright?”

Kurt smiles at him, glad at Dave’s words: there’s going to be a next time, and Kurt’s finally fully relieved. “You don’t need to worry about that.”

He tries to fall asleep, but he can’t. Kurt’s tired actually, but it’s been such a stressful evening that he still feels like his head is all over the place, even though he’s resting comfortably in bed with Dave. The room is quiet but it takes quite a long time until his eyelids finally grow heavy. But just when Kurt’s ready to fall asleep, he feels Dave shift.

Once again, Kurt pretends to be asleep, but not for the same reasons as last time. Dave lifts Kurt’s head off his chest and carefully deposits him on the pillow and then gets up. It pains Kurt to realize that Dave is going to throw up his meal, believing that Kurt has fallen asleep already and won’t hear him. But Kurt promised he would leave Dave and his issues alone.

Kurt hears Dave take steps in the direction to the bathroom, but then Dave stands completely still. Kurt’s heartbeat starts picking up, because now he can clearly hear Dave pacing around the room, going between the bathroom and the bed. Kurt presses his lips together to keep from making any noise because it’s obvious that Dave is fighting his urge to rush to the toilet to throwing up everything.

It seems that for whatever reason, Kurt’s words struck a cord with Dave. Whether it’s because Kurt asked him not to vomit the food he cook specially for him, or because he called Dave on his issues, Kurt doesn’t know. What he does know is that if Dave has a habit of throwing up his meals, this hesitation doesn’t mean that he will suddenly stop doing it. Yet, Kurt hopes Dave will return to bed with a full stomach, at least for tonight.

Dave continues to pace around the room for what seems like forever and when he returns to bed without having entered the bathroom, Kurt has to press his lips together in order not to let out a joyful squeak. He wants to hug or cuddle Dave, just to show how happy and maybe even proud of him he is, but he doesn’t, since then Dave would realize that he’s been awake all this time.

It’s Dave though who throws his arms around Kurt, holding him close. Kurt smiles, melting into the embrace and sighs contently.

They both drift into a heavy sleep.


When Kurt wakes up, it’s still dark. Dave’s sleeping by his side and when he checks Dave’s alarm clock, he learns that it’s five in the morning and he has no idea why he woke up this early.

Fifteen minutes pass and Kurt can’t manage to go back to sleep; and whenever he looks at Dave’s sleeping figure, he thinks about how crappy this night has been. It's really bothering him that because of his stupid asthma they didn’t have sex, so he completely failed at pleasing Dave in the slightest. If anything, Kurt upset Dave quite a lot.

He’s been a terrible whore, and what’s worse is that within a couple of hours they’ll both get up, Kurt will head back home while Dave will head to work, but because Dave feels sorry for him, before Kurt leaves Dave will surely pay him 300 bucks for the night, even though Kurt did nothing to deserve it. Getting that money, it’s always the worst part of spending the night with Dave, but this time it will be ten times worse.

But it’s very early and Dave’s asleep, and Kurt believes it’s a great opportunity to take off. It’s too dark to go back to his neighborhood, but he can stay at some coffee shop or something until the sun comes up.

Kurt carefully slides out of bed, walking softly in order not to wake Dave up. He curses to himself when he realizes that he doesn’t know where Dave put his clothes, so he looks for them in the darkness, trying to guide himself around Dave’s bedroom with his hands, touching everything without making a noise, until he finally finds a pile of folded clothes on Dave’s armchair. He touches his skinny jeans and his jacket and once he’s sure all his things are there, he gathers everything in his arms. He hears Dave shifting in bed and goes completely still, waiting for Dave to grow quiet.

But Dave doesn’t. Kurt can hear him moving every time more, and he knows he just got caught.

Very much caught, since Dave turns on the bedside lamp. His eyes fall quickly on Kurt and he frowns. “What are you doing?” he asks in a very sleepy voice.

And Kurt has all his clothes in his hands, so he can’t really lie. “I’m…”

“You’re leaving?”

“Yeah,” God, why does he have such awful luck?! Can't he ever catch a break?

Dave quickly looks at the alarm clock and then back at Kurt. “It’s twenty past five. What’s going on?” he sits up straight in bed, blinking repeatedly like he’s forcing himself to wake up fully. “Are you alright? Are you feeling sick or something?”

“No, no, it’s nothing like that,” Kurt hurries to explain, since the last thing he wants is Dave worrying more about him. “I just… have to leave.”

Dave stays silent, as if he's trying to read between lines since judging by the way Kurt’s fidgeting in place, he’s hiding something.

“And you were going to leave while I was sleeping? Without waking me up?”

Kurt shrugs his shoulders. “You had a rough night, alright? I wanted to let you rest.”

Silence falls upon the room again and Kurt feels nothing but exposed since Dave’s staring intensely at him. “You weren't going to let me pay you,” he finally concludes, figuring out Kurt’s intentions.

By this point, Kurt doesn’t even bother denying it. “No, I wasn’t going to. You’re such a nice guy that I know you plan to pay me,” he says bitterly, as he starts taking off Dave’s pajamas to put on his own clothes. “But because of my asthma we didn’t get to have sex, plus I scared you and also upset you, so no, I don’t want money for providing such awful service.”

Dave sighs, lazily scratching the back of his head, but says nothing at first. Kurt considers the conversation finished, so he proceeds to take off Dave’s shirt and sweatpants to put on his own clothes, but when he’s wearing nothing but his underwear, Dave’s voice breaks the silence.

“Come here,” he says softly, extending his arm to Kurt.

Kurt narrows his eyes at Dave suspiciously, but he does what he’s asked and approaches the bed until he’s standing by the edge of it, looking down at Dave questioningly.


“Don’t go just yet,” Dave tells him, wrapping his arms around Kurt’s waist and pulling him down onto his lap.

Almost instinctively, Kurt throws his arms around Dave’s neck, but in spite of that, he’s not happy about what’s happening. “I’m not going to have sex with you,” he states, reading Dave’s intentions.

Dave simply starts applying soft kisses to Kurt’s neck. “Why not?” he asks in a low voice between kisses.

Kurt has to really make an effort not to tilt his head to give Dave better access; he doesn’t want to fall for this. “Because you don’t want to have sex with me.”

Dave stills and Kurt knows all he needs to know: he just caught Dave. It really hurts his pride and his ego to discover his suspicions were correct. His faux hooker act aside, he kind of liked thinking that Dave desired him, since no one ever really desired him before.

It’s been a long time since his self-esteem was so boldly crushed. His ex boyfriends were jerks, but at least they didn’t pity fuck him.

Dave pulls back just enough to look Kurt right in the eye. Kurt looks away though, since he's feeling very stupid and pathetic. “Why do you think that?”

Kurt snorts, still avoiding Dave’s gaze. “Because yesterday you decided not to have sex with me. You can’t expect me to think that it’s just coincidence you want to fuck me now, right after I told you I wasn’t going to take any money from you because I didn’t do anything to earn it.”

“That’s not-”

“I don’t want you to fuck me just to put money in my pocket,” Kurt cuts him off firmly, now looking straight into his eyes. He draws strength from his prostitute alter ego, since he has no strength himself. Getting into his hooker persona make it easier to detach from himself when he’s with Dave.“I know I’m broke and I know I'm a whore, but I certainly don’t want or need pity fucks.”

Dave stares at him intensely, and then a small amused grin forms in his mouth. “Pity fucks? You think that having sex with you is some kind of sacrifice?”

Kurt rolls his eyes. “Not a sacrifice but-”

“You’re so freaking hot,” Dave interrupts him, placing a kiss behind his ear. “But that’s not news, since I’ve told you that before,” and Kurt can recall Dave saying that on more than one occasion while having sex. “I just got scared last night. I didn’t want to cause another asthma attack.”

“We’ve had sex before and that never happened.”

“Put yourself in my place for a minute, alright? Maybe you’re used to having asthma attacks, but I didn’t even know you suffered from asthma, so it was pretty frightening for me to see you wheezing and struggling for air. I didn’t know what the hell was happening.”

Kurt can’t really argue since Dave has a point. Severe asthma attacks don’t happen to him that often actually, since Kurt uses his inhaler way before they could get bad. Yet when he experiences a full-blown attack it's pretty scary, so it must look really frightening to someone who’s watching it happen.

“But there's no reason we can’t make up for what we couldn’t do last night,” Dave smirks.

Kurt forces himself not to smile, because he knows that Dave’s just doing this to have a reason to give him money, so he says nothing, just in case something like a giggle might escape from his mouth.

Then Dave leans over, Kurt meets him half way and they kiss softly. They’ve had morning sex, and of course it’s more gentle and lazy, but Kurt senses that Dave is being extra soft with him. Kurt lets him though. He straddles Dave’s lap, kneeling on the bed with his legs on either side of Dave’s tights.

Dave holds him by his waist, quickly tugging his underwear and Kurt’s already full of lust, not thinking reasons, or pity or money or self-esteem. They kiss lusciously for several minutes, in which they both get rid of their underwear but remain on this position, Kurt straddling Dave’s lap and pressing their erections together.

Kurt’s grinding his cock against Dave’s hard-on, making him moan, and Kurt moans as well. Kurt keeps on kissing him as Dave reaches for the lube, getting his fingers slick, and then he lifts Kurt’s hips in order to expose his ass a bit, probing his entrance and Kurt’s so hot, horny and needy that he pushes himself down onto Dave’s fingers.

“Oh, God,” Kurt grunts, and Dave sucks his neck, nibbling and biting as he works his fingers in an out of Kurt’s hole.

Kurt moans helplessly, just because he feels hot. He’s so in need of sex, of sex with Dave that he’s feeling dizzy in anticipation.

He's tight and the preparation seems to take forever, even if it's probably only a few minutes, but Kurt can’t wait anymore so after becoming comfortable with Dave’s two fingers, he practically begs Dave to fuck him.

“You sure you’re ready?”

“Yes, Dave,” Kurt gushes out, getting a condom and quickly handing it to Dave.

Dave laughs quietly, but he kisses him again and Kurt moves a little just to give Dave room enough to put the condom on. When Dave’s ready, Kurt’s about to get off his lover lap but Dave holds him in place.

“I want you to ride me,” Dave tells him.

They've never tried this position before. Lord, Kurt has never tried that with any of his boyfriends, and the realization that he was so vanilla regarding sex makes him want to kill himself. Kurt really can’t ask Dave for a different position since Dave’s in charge, and riding someone shouldn’t be rocket science so he nods.

“Only if you want to,” Dave continues, apparently noticing Kurt’s inner debate.

Kurt can’t tell Dave that he’s never ridden a man, since he’s supposedly a skilled hooker. But Kurt’s confident with himself, since with Dave he has done loads of stuff that he’d never done before in bed and it always turned out more than alright.

“Who says I don’t?” Kurt asks, using a sensual voice. He needs to stick to his act.

“I don’t want to be too rough on you,” Dave confesses, looking ashamed for some reason.

Now Kurt does feel his world is coming down. Damn, he was confident two seconds before! Honestly, being with Dave is like being on a freaking roller-coaster of conflicting emotions.

“Because of my asthma?” Kurt asks, even though he knows the answer. Of course Dave nods and Kurt wants to kill himself.

It’s obvious Dave likes rough sex better. Now he’s going to be a boring fuck to Dave?

“You can control the pace,” Dave says. “Just don’t get too worked up though, okay?”

Kurt’s jaw tightens because he doesn’t want to be on control, he wants Dave to have the control.

“So we can have boring sex?” he asks bitterly.

“Why do you think it’s going to be boring?” Dave inquires in a playful tone, like he wants to makes him laugh, obviously sensing Kurt’s anger.

Kurt snorts. “The fact that you only fuck me rough? I’m pretty sure that’s what you like.”

“I’m more flexible than you think.”

“You shouldn't have to be flexible for my sake. I’m a whore, Dave.”

Dave rolls his eyes. “Exactly. And as your client, I choose the way we fuck and I don’t feel like being rough today.”

This little chat has almost killed the mood, but Dave kisses him again and Kurt lets himself enjoy it, forgetting everything else. He feels the tip of Dave’s cock caressing his ring and Kurt pushes himself down, sinking himself onto Dave’s erection.

Kurt holds tight around Dave’s neck, getting used to the intrusion and God, the pleasure is incredible. And to think he almost went back home and missed this…

Dave holds him by his sides, easing him slowly up and down his cock and Kurt follows the rhythm.

“Fuck, Kurt,” Dave almost whines, and Kurt knows that it’s taking a lot of effort for Dave to go this slow.

Slow feels different from rough but just as good; it’s like Kurt has more time to savor the pleasure. Dave is still the one setting the pace and Kurt just melts into it.

He likes when Dave’s in charge.

Plus, Dave’s moaning and grunting every time Kurt lowers himself deep onto his lap, so he’s enjoying it as well. Kurt attaches their mouths together, rubbing his hands all over Dave’s shoulders and chest; he grows more and more excited as Dave’s hands roam his body as well, and Kurt starts quickening the pace, going suddenly too fast for Dave’s liking.

Dave’s hands find Kurt’s hips, holding him tight and still. “Easy.”

Kurt groans. “I’m not going to die, Dave,” he replies, frustrated. “And if I get another asthma attack, my inhaler is right there,” he points at the bedside table.

“I can take it. I have before,” he says, licking all the way up Dave’s neck, and nibbling his ear.

“Okay,” Dave breathes, and then Kurt’s suddenly being pumped up and down on Dave’s big, hard cock.

“Fuck, yes!”

And Kurt loses all control fast, especially when Dave reaches his prostate; Kurt moans so hard that his throat hurts, but he doesn’t care because Dave realizes that he’s found his precious spot and keeps on fucking like there’s no tomorrow, always at the same angle.

After a while, Dave stops lifting him from the waist because Kurt is bouncing his hips up and down on his own. It feels incredible; the pleasure is overwhelming, and he loves having Dave’s body so close to him, being tightly embraced as he’s given the ride of his life.

Dave bucks him even faster while all Kurt can do is to hold on, not wanting this fuck to end, ever. His prostate is being crushed over and over and he can feel his orgasm growing close, and he’s as desperate to come as he is desperate to push it away, not wanting to come so soon.

But Dave wants him to come, obviously, because he fists Kurt's cock and starts pumping it and it’s just too much. Dave’s cock plowing into him at the same time he’s being jerked off drives him to the edge.

“Dave, I’m gonna come,” Kurt breathes out.

“Come for me.”

“Oh, God, Dave!” And Kurt comes; he comes hard, every muscle in his body tightens and Dave’s cock feels even bigger inside him as his ring clenches tightly around it.

Dave keeps bucking upward, moaning loudly, and in the middle of the mess Kurt is because of the orgasm that has not subsided yet, he can feel Dave’s cock pulsing and pulsing; he comes as Kurt’s load goes soaring across Dave’s chest.

Kurt collapses on top of Dave, exhausted and pleased. So freaking pleased that he can’t believe it; every time he has sex with Dave it’s mind blowing.

Dave finally stops moving underneath Kurt, exhausted as well, but he holds Kurt close in his arms. Kurt’s so comfortable where he is that he can’t even think about how weird it feels to have his chest pressed against Dave’s while Dave’s shirt is all wet with his come.

Dave has won again, because they had sex and he now has a reason to pay Kurt in spite of all the things that went wrong.

But right now, Kurt can’t bring himself to care.
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